Landscape Plans + Drafting

For Landscape Architects, Designers & Contractors

Modern CAD software has dramatically enhanced the capabilities of drafting and technical drawing, particularly at the hands of talented technicians. Digital technology has resulted in tremendous improvements in the creation, transfer, modification, and storage of technical drawings for the landscape industry.

We can help you create powerful marketing and sales tools that show your project in its context, with landscape and exterior design.


Our studio can design and draft more than just gardens and understand the importantance for our clients and construction teams to understand levels.

YARD Landscape Plans have vast experience in drafting and documentation  of a varying type of urban structures including:

  • swimming pools
  • retaining walls
  • entertaining spaces
  • timber screens
  • cabanas
  • pergolas
  • timber decks
  • bespoke landscape elements

We work closely with engineers, council, surveys and certifiers to make sure your proposed structure is designed, approved and built the way you want it.


A planting plan is a construction document that graphically shows the exact location, sizes and species of all new and existing plants within the garden. All plants are labelled with relevant plant codes linked to a plant schedule for easy reference. It lists both the botanical and common names of plants used, quantities and sizes.

Specialise in construction and need some advice on what to plant? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you coming up with the right plants for your particuar job.


These are conceptually based drawings that focuses on the layout of paving, decking, steps, walls, fences, screens and garden beds that aren’t limited to but may include:

  • Set Out and Dimensions Plan
  • Quantities Plan
  • Landscape Details as required

While these plans are not intended for use in construction, it can certainly assist in helping landscapers and contractors gain an overview of the project and to commence the initial set out of the design on site.